Death Sticks

Death Sticks look to me like something I had to make in high school chemistry (and likely completely failed at making correctly, since I was always rather bad at chemistry). They come in yellow and red (but, somehow, not orange), and it would seem from the movie, that when one sells these concoctions, they are sealed in some sort of glass tube. I can only imagine what one does to get the death juice out of there. It's consumed by mixing it into your drink, but again, how do you open it? Do you crush it with your teeth? That certainly sounds deathalicious.

Death Sticks contain juice extracted from Cilona, in two degrees of potency. I would imagine that the yellow is less powerful than the red, but that's just a guess based on my own associations with the two colours.

They are powerful narcotics. "Each successive dose literally shorten's the user's lifespan in increasing intervals" according to the Visual Dict. So apparently this drug stays in your system in some form forever if it's able to keep track of how much it shortened your lifespan before.

I have to stop and wonder what kind of person would take these knowing full-well that it will shorten their lifespan; not that it's simply dangerous to consume or that it's potentially fatal, but that it will, without a doubt, shorten your life. Must be good stuff.