Welcome to the one, the only, THE shrine to Elan Sleazebaggano! Use the little link buttons at the top to navigate through this little shrine. Be amazed at the sheer amount of love that such an incredibly minor character can attract. If you aren't already aware of how fantastic Elan is, I hope you'll have discovered the truth before you leave here.

If you don't even know who he IS, I suggest starting with the info button above. Most section content should be pretty darn obvious from the titles. If you'd like to suggest a link or something, e-mail it to me and I'll probably put it up. If you want to submit fanart or a fanfic, then I love you forever.

Rather than make a seperate page for it, I'll just go into my thanks right here. Most of all, Soshi for lending her artistic talent, support, and webspace to this endeavor. Loves to Magus for letting me whore his Visual Dictionary and for helping me look through all that great SW merchandise at Barnes and Noble to find stuff with Elan in it.

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