So why on Earth would anybody want to make a shrine to a guy like Elan Sleazebaggano? I suppose this is the obligatory question asked of anybody who does maintain a shrine, so I might as well pretend there's some content by answering it.

I've always had a thing for minor but cool characters, especially ones that have a certain aura that says 'I don't need to be a main character to be awesome'. Besides, what fun is it to make a shrine to a person who's already got legions of adoring fans? Somebody's bound to do it better than you. If you find a character you genuinely like, even though most people may think they're nothing special, then it's more fun to make the shrine. Plus, you get to nag all your talented friends to do art and such for you.

All that aside, back when I was looking for Episode II trailers, I happened to visit the official Star Wars page the very day they released the 'music video' to the web. I shrugged to myself, thought "why the hell not?" and downloaded it. At the very beginning, if you haven't seen it, is the scene where Elan is offering Obi-Wan death sticks. I thought it was hilarious. It was the highlight of that download and almost made it worth the space it took up on my hard drive.

A little later, I pick up the novel and read. When I get to the bar scene in Coruscant, I note that I'm reading about that guy from the music video, and what the heck...his last name is Sleazebaggano?! Can it get much cooler than that? I'm sorry, but I love it. Of course, all this was eclipsed by the movie...

I've grown up a Star Wars fan, but I haven't been impressed by the prequels thus far. Of course, they both have their moments, and for me, the scene with Elan is one of those scenes that makes it worthwhile to tolerate Hayden Christenson and Natalie Portman's flat acting. Matt Doran manages to infuse more life into a character that has a few second scene than some of the other major actors did in their much more important characters.

And for crying out loud people...he sells DEATH STICKS. His last name is SLEAZEBAGGANO. His shoes have SECRET COMPARTMENTS FOR STORING CONTRABAND. It just doesn't get any greater than this guy. He has ANTENNAE!! What more do you want?